Positivity, Love, and Llamas. That's what being part of the Lexi Llama family is about. Meet the family and follow them to make the world a happier and more Llamazing place! 

Lexi Llama

Lexi Llama is the leader of the family! She loves her fans, creating YouTube videos, and doesn’t like llama drama

Baby Llama

Baby Llama has one goal. To be as cute as possible and to make you feel as cute as possible. 

Larry Llama

Larry Llama loves food. You can catch him on the weekends binge watching Planet Earth with a slice of pizza and a tub of ice cream. Can you relate?

Lazy Llama

Lazy Llama loves naps, rainbows, and watching YouTube! I think we all have our Lazy Llama days. 

Dreamy Llama

Dreamy Llama always has its head stuck in the clouds dreaming of the rainy days where it can stay in and drink a nice hot chocolate. Are you like Dreamy Llama?